Dog Wash

Happy dog getting a bath

Don’t share your bathtub with your dog. Use our facilities.

At The Yard Dog, our dual bathing tubs are equipped to handle all sizes of dogs from Chihuahua’s to Great Danes. Don’t dirty up your home bathtub, use our facilities here in Addison, TX. Towel service is available during business hours.

Book Your Spring Break Dog Boarding Reservation Now!

Are you planning a vacation get away for the Spring?

Your pet will be safe and have their own good time. Give us a call to book your furry friend's boarding reservation today!

Quick wash and dry after a long play day.

Treat your dog to a quick wash and dry before pickup. Your dog will be tired from playing all day with their friends, and will feel refreshed after a quick wash from our trained staff.

Woman drying a dog with a towel