Dog Training

Obedience Training

Does your dog:

  • Jump on strangers?
  • Bark excessively?
  • Not come when called?
  • Bolt out of any open door?
  • Drag you on walks?
  • Chew on everything but toys?
  • Have accidents around the house?

Obedience training is for you at our Addison location!

Woman training a dog

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Training a dog to lay down

Obedience training focuses on basic techniques such as sitting, waiting, staying, heeling, and coming when called. Even these simple techniques will help dogs learn to mind better, but we also cover behavioral issues such as those outlined above. The goal is not only to have your dog better behaved but to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog. Each training program is tailored to your dog’s personality and your family’s needs.

Protection Training

A Protection Trained Dog Is The Best Deterrent For Crime

The Yard Dog offers Obedience and Home and Family Protection training! This program is designed to focus on obedience training, along with home and family security training. In this program your dog won't only be taught how to respond to and recognize what a threat and a non threat is, but will also complete obedience training along with behavioral problem solving , to ensure that your dog is always on its best behavior, and you the owner have the upmost control.

Protection training