Dog Training

Obedience Training

Does your dog:

  • Jump on strangers?
  • Bark excessively?
  • Not come when called?
  • Bolt out of any open door?
  • Drag you on walks?
  • Chew on everything but toys?
  • Have accidents around the house?

Obedience training is for you at our Addison location!

Woman training a dog
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Training a dog to lay down

Obedience training focuses on basic techniques such as sitting, waiting, staying, heeling, and coming when called. Even these simple techniques will help dogs learn to mind better, but we also cover behavioral issues such as those outlined above. The goal is not only to have your dog better behaved but to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog. Each training program is tailored to your dog’s personality and your family’s needs.

Hybrid Approach to Training

Conventional wisdom says there's only two styles of dog training: reward-based, and punishment-based. In fact, there are over twenty different ways to train a dog!

Over the years, through research, trial and error, our dog trainers at The Yard Dog have developed a hybrid approach to training that is transformative for the owner and dog relationship. What sets us apart is simple: we do not put a Band-aid on bad behaviors such as jumping or chewing. We work to get to the core of the problem, and once discovered, provide guidance and training that is bespoke to each family and each situation, bridging the gap between pet and pet parent.

How Training at The Yard Dog Works

Training appointment icon

Training Appointment

We agree on a date and time for you to bring in your dog. We make it as convenient for you as possible. We even provide the required documents in advance if needed.

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Proper dog training requires the help of the entire family. We recommend that everybody who interacts with your dog regularly participate in the evaluation session.

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Training Session

The dog training process at The Yard Dog is never traumatic, painful, or stressful for your dog or you. Pets invariably respond positively to our training.

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Follow Up

At The Yard Dog, we believe that follow-up dog training sessions at times most convenient to you are vital to achieving your goals set during your evaluation.

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Dog Trainer Tyler

Meet Our Trainer, Tyler

I've had dogs almost all my life and started training when I was around 17 with my American Bulldog puppy, Sabbath. I would practice with my friends and family's dogs, too. Fast forward a few years and I got the opportunity to work as a kennel technician. Between my kennel manager and watching the trainers, it really pushed me to want to pursue a career in training professionally. I've now been training dogs and owners since 2014 and am AKC CGC certified. I specialize in board and trains but have years of experience with group classes and private lessons. I have trained obedience, house breaking, greeting behaviors, protection, attack on command, behavior mod, as well as a multitude of aggression cases. I've had the pleasure of working with tons of different breeds and personality types in both dogs and owners.